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San Francisco

September 20th

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Washington DC

October 16th - 20th

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Los Angeles

September 16, 17,or 18

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What we look for in our entrepreneurs

At VenturSeed, we understand that capital alone is not enough to fuel success. We take a hands-on approach to investing and actively collaborate with our portfolio companies to drive growth. Beyond financial support, we offer strategic guidance, operational expertise, and access to our extensive network of industry experts, advisors, and potential partners. Our goal is to be value-added partners, working closely with our portfolio companies to unlock their full potential and maximize value creation.,

We invite like-minded investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to join us on our journey. Whether you are an aspiring founder with a groundbreaking idea or an investor seeking to be part of the next wave of innovation, VenturSeed offers exciting opportunities for collaboration, growth, and success.

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