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We incubate & invest in VERY early stage founders

VenturSeed Incubator program is an open-ended year round program that helps talented and motivated founders validate, test, and and launch their products in a community style setting. With a self pace model, founders work at their own speed to achieve their goals. Host and moderators ensure that the community stays AD-FREE and focused on entrepreneurs journey as they establish the building blocks of their business. All business types are welcome as the main goal across all businesses is cash generation.VenturSeed Incubator provides the structure, proven advice, mentorship, and peer support to reduce the barriers of entry to succeed with your idea.


"Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Anything that improves your own talents." - Warren Buffet.


Incubator Benefits

  • 2-Hour Sessions with VC Team

    Enjoy exclusive access to two 2-hour sessions per year with our experienced VC team. Get valuable insights, guidance, and personalized advice to help you navigate the startup landscape and accelerate your growth.

  • No Equity Program

    nlike traditional VC funding, our program does not require any equity from your startup. Retain full ownership and control of your business while benefiting from the expertise and resources available within our community.

  • Monthly Live Sessions

    Engage with industry experts through monthly live sessions. Gain valuable insights, learn from their experiences, and ask questions directly during interactive Q&A sessions. Inspiration to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Funding Benefits

    We recognize not every startup needs VC capital, but for those who do, we offer funding through our accelerator and PPS fund. Special conditions to join our Pre-Pre-Seed round for up to 4% less equity could apply. Check network page.

  • Ambassador Program

    As a member, you have the opportunity to become an ambassador and earn revenue through our referral program. Share the value of our community with others, and when they join through your referral, you'll get a commission.

  • Eco-System Partners

    We have over 50 partners dedicated to your success. We leverage the relationships we've built over the years to help start you on the accelerated journey.

  • 30+


  • 50


  • 25X

    Faster Time-to-Market

  • 100



Our moderators and community host ensure both an Ad-Free Environment with active participation from experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and industry professionals. The community program is designed to help entrepreneurs at the earliest stage of their business with market research, a supportive community and educational content and discussions designed to drive results.

As an open ended community, there is no application to go through or rigorous steps and hoops to walk through.


Start by signing up and securing your spot.

Our fee-based incubator operates on an annual payment model. Upon enrollment, you'll receive a founders welcome and access to resources to start you on your journey.


Engage with the commuinty.

Get value from day one. Online courses, live sessions, powerful feedback. Speak with other entrepreneurs, request research market reports from our VC team, or , Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Whether you're an engineer, designer, marketer, product, or sales person, knowing your strengths and weaknesses are vitality important to assessing which option to choose and which ones to avoid.

Test Your Business Model

Marketing > Sales > Traction > CashFlow

Learn from the masters themselves! As a founder, you need to build a smart sales and marketing funnel as well as grow your rock star sales team. Learn from entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses and achieved repeatable results.


Select the appropriate funding vehicle

Although interest rates are rising across the globe, the decision whether to take debt or equity is not always so clear cut. Being able to understand your funding needs is just as important as asking from funding. Raise too much capital, you dilute your position in the company and, more importantly, will often spend the money too loosely or in ways inappropriate for a business at your level of development. Raise too little and you’ll be out of business before you know it.

Mission Statement

We would like to extend an offer to all of you who want to become entrepreneurs, or already are, but feel like they need some extra help in their business. If you:

Don’t have the means

Have a solid concept to work with 

Are just starting out

Believe in the success of your product or service

Want to be included in an exchange with other startups like you and investors interested in funding your idea


The community is designed for YOU

Our Unique Annual Program will take you from idea to launch to revenue

We’ve been there, done that. We know the feeling of hopelessness when you don’t have that capital to make your dream come true, or are still looking for the right moment to quit your 9-5 and become your own boss. Every person on our core team has been through that. Let us save you the money, time and effort, and help you build up your company… for free!

Go At Your Own Pace

The program is conducted online and program structure allows you the freedom to set your own pace and achieve your goals on your terms. No more feeling overwhelmed or pressured to keep up with others

Courses and Live Sessions

The course sections include the following topics: Business structure, Fundraising, Development, Finance, Legal, Accounting, finance, DevOps, Investor pitch decks, and Corporate governance. Stage II will have you meet your instructors in 1:1 sessions, and stage three is all about pitching.

Real Research with Real Results

We understand the importance of evidence-based strategies and tangible outcomes when it comes to accelerating your revenue. That's why our program is backed by extensive research, delivering undeniable results that you can see and experience for yourself.

Launch and Fund Raise

We recognize not every startup needs VC capital, but those who do, we provide a clear path from idea to launch to VC funding.

Our entrepreneurs also get over $100K+ in AI Market Resarch and VC Support from our new and innovative ML Labs.

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