Freqently asked questions

For Entrepreneurs:

How much equity will I need to give up?

We have two models. Depending on the model selected, we take between 20% - 30% equity

What if I already raised capital?

Debt financing is ok, however we are always the first equity investment in a startup. If you have already taken funding you're probably too late for us.

Why do you focus on founders with a sales, marketing, or design background?

As an investor and operator that focuses on revenue and cash flow, we like to ensure we can add complimentary value to entrepreneurs and startups from the beginning and believe in getting a saleable product in front of customers as soon as possible.

Do I still maintain a board seat?

Yes, we require our founders to have a board seat?

Can I be a solo founder?

Yes. Whether you are one founder or three founders, we look at each deal on a case by case basis.

How much do you normally invest?

Startups in our Incubator Program (no equity) and pre pre-seed fund usually receive a validation round of 5K - 10K.

How often do you like to meet with the founders you invest in?

By taking a co-founder position in the company, we actually work everyday, side by side with the entrepreneur to generate cash and returns for the business.

Do you do follow-on investments?

Yes, if certain milestones and metrics are achieved.

What will you do to help us get to the next round of funding if we need it?

We have a followup round reserved for companies that successfully demonstrate the ability to generate cash flow consistently.

What is it like working with you?

We are very active in Investments and usually run the finance, operations, and technology side of the business, while also supporting entrepreneurs on the sale, marketing, and design side of the business.

What do you expect from the founders?

We expect founders to be able to sell their product to their customers. Founders should also be adaptable to change, which sometimes means pivoting from your original idea.

For Investors:

How can the fund diversify my portfolio?

Startups as an asset class are inherently risky. We seek to minimize that risk by focusing on startups that can generate good margin in addition to cash flow for our investors both in the short and long term horizon.

How many funds can we invest in?

Each of our funds are designed for a specific thesis and purpose. Investors can invest in all three funds or a single fund as they are not mutually exclusive.

Can I make a single investment across the entire seed Series Portfolio at once?

Yes, we can break up your investment across three funds. Each fund is a building block on the next to ensure a unique value proposition for investors and therefore funds are not pooled horizontally.

What information rights are granted?

Quarterly Financial Statements are provided.

Do investors get advisor/board seats in the startups?

Fund investors vote to have one representative represent the fund. That investor can take a board advisor seat. In general, there are no external board members until the Series A stage.

Am I obligated to invest in each fund?

No, investors can invest in one fund or all three.

How does the fund make its investment decisions?

The PPS fund uses a qualitative approach, while the PS and S funds use a straight-line mathematical formula entirely based on startups hitting revenue and metric milestones

Do you offer a debt fund?

We do not offer a debt fund at this time. If there is something of interest to you and your partners, shoot us a message so we can gauge interest across LPs.

Do you encourage diversity in investments?

Yes - not only in startups - but we seek to reserve a portion of each fund tranche for underrepresented investors, GP’s and Partners.