ETFs with low tracking error and deviation



February 8, 2024.

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Discovering Low Tracking Error ETFs in the Indian Market

Welcome to our ETF investor community! For those of you keen on minimizing risk and optimizing performance through ETFs with low tracking error and deviation, we've compiled a list of top performers in the Indian market. These ETFs stand out for their ability to closely mirror the returns of their benchmark indexes, making them excellent choices for passive investors seeking reliable growth.

Top ETFs with Low Tracking Error

After thorough research, including insights from a Cafe Mutual report, we recommend considering the following ETFs for their low tracking error:

Tracking error, the discrepancy between the performance of an ETF and its benchmark index, is a critical measure for investors. A low tracking error indicates that an ETF effectively mirrors its index, reducing the risk of underperformance.

Understanding Tracking Difference

Another vital metric is the tracking difference, which represents the real return gap between an ETF and its benchmark over time. Factors influencing this metric include fund fees, securities lending policies, diversification rules, and market liquidity. An ETF with a low tracking difference is likely to deliver returns closely aligned with its target index, enhancing the benefits of passive investing.

Resources for Further Information

To deepen your understanding of tracking error and tracking difference, consider the following resources:

Moreover, platforms like Moneycontrol, ET Money, and Value Research Online offer tools for comparing ETF performance, helping you make informed investment decisions.

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